Containment Isolators

Isolators are essential for protecting your animals’ health and welfare and ensuring that your research models and data are fully accurate. We provide containment isolators for the research industry; ranging from Flexible Film to Rigid Isolators. Which can work under both positive and negative pressures. These are available in standard sizes in ISO Types 1,2,3 and 4. Alternatively, we are aware that not all standard isolators are suitable for all needs, so we can adapt any size and configuration you need with our custom flexible film isolators.

We also provide a wide range of isolator accessories, including isolator racking, transfer sleeves, canopy options and much more, including containment isolator training. If you are on a limited budget, we are regularly able to offer refurbished lab equipment, including isolators.

In recent years, developments and interests regarding topics such as standardisation, quarantine, microbiome, bowel diseases and diet related research;  foster a new demand on this type of animal husbandry and equipment.

Customer requirements and services are at the heart of our business. Because of this, we offer support and training; specifically regarding the set-up of isolators and first time users. As we understand that it is often daunting and expensive to run. Yet, there are, however, many ways to save time, cost and still have the reliable security of an isolator.

If you require additional laboratory equipment built to precise specifications, we also offer a wide range of bespoke lab equipment to ensure that your requirements are met in full.

Flexible Film Isolators

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Isolator Accessories

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Isolator Consumables

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Refurbished Laboratory Equipment

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