Double Door Ports & Single Door Hatches

To offer you various options for your application, or budget we have different styles of Double Door Ports & Single Door Hatches available. Double door ports ensure safe import and export procedures. Also known as Quadro-Lock Ports, these are often used in BL3/4 and Germ-Free conditions. This is due to their secure nature and the minimal risk of breaches.

Meanwhile, single door hatches allow larger access for your equipment, prior to sterilisation. Single door hatches are also easier and quicker to use. These are preferable when ease of use and speed are required. Furthermore, we are able to offer a range of PVC port caps; either with bungs or screw tops to aid in sterilisation.

We are also able to install any existing port options you may have or want from different manufacturers. Such as, special hatches or rapid transfer ports. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Import Hatch

A single import hatch allowing larger items to access the isolator.

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This Import hatch allows large equipment to enter the Isolator. In short, we offer a solid single hatch door, which we mount on a durable port plate and secure with bolts and caps to ensure no accidental opening.

Standard dimension: 420 x 360mm internal

Other sizes are available upon request.


Ports with Flexible Film Caps

A simple way to close your isolator with flexible caps, secured by a rubber band and stainless steel clamp.

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Ports with flexible film caps are a simple and quick way to ensure that you have complete security on your Isolator; while also providing the ability to quickly and easily change the cap should this be necessary. This solution is simple and quick. Furthermore, to ensure a complete seal with the Port Caps, use our Silicon or Rubber Bands and secure these in place with a Stainless Steel Clamp, or Cable Clamp. While we make these items to standard size, this system allows bespoke design of the caps for special uses and applications.

In addition to this, the Ports with Flexible Film Caps are available with flanges to allow for ease of application. In addition to this, we can provide caps with tubes for sterilisation that can either fit our Silicon Bungs, or with Screw Caps.


Port Caps are able in the following sizes:

P-C-320: Small Port 32cm with flexible film covers

P-C-420: Standard Port 42cm with flexible film covers

PXL-C-450: XL Port 45cm with flexible film covers


At NKP-Isotec we pride ourselves on providing high-quality equipment that is bespoke to your research requirements. For further information on how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch with out team, who will be happy to help.


Solid Biohazard Port

A port with a 4 way clamp system for extra security, especially when using hazardous or sensitive material.

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Our solid biohazard ports are available in the following sizes:

P-SC-320: Small Port 32cm with solid port lid

P-SC-420: Standard Port 42cm with solid port lid

PXL-SC-450: XL Port 45cm with flexible solid port lid


We can attach these ports to most of our isolator range. Please get in touch should you have more bespoke needs.


Quadro Lock Port

The quadro lock port can be operated with just one hand to open and close, combining ease of use with the advantages of a solid door.

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The Quadra lock port is available in the following options:

P-QL-420: Standard Quadro-Lock port 42cm

PXL-QL450: XL Quadro-lock port 45cm


Compatible with all of our isolator units.