Laboratory Trolleys For Drums, Storage & Work Platforms

All of our Laboratory Trolleys are available as single, double or multiple shelf units. Additionally, they can be height adjustable or static, and even autoclavable.

Trolleys are a vital part for transporting your equipment and the connection to the Isolators. The perfect fit to suit the height of the ports, movability and safety are just some of the features which are important for this. Fixed height trolleys are always autoclavable to avoid additional lifting or shifting of the drums after sterilisation. Please take a look at our selection below but let us know if you prefer a bespoke manufacture according to your needs and provide trolleys which will fit perfectly to your application.

We can provide you with dust covers / autoclavable for any type of trolley and autoclave drum. For further information on our range of laboratory trolleys for Drums, Storage & Work Platforms; please contact our team. 

Isolator Work Platform

A safe way to work at height.

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This Isolator Work Platform is available with these options:

  • Stainless steel or aluminium
  • Movable on castors or with standard legs
  • Height adjustable (electric or manual)
  • With guards or without
  • Dimensions adjusted to suit your needs


Moreover, this item is compatible with our flexible film isolators.


Should you have any further queries or more bespoke requirements, feel free to contact our team. They will be able to find the best solution to your needs.


Isolator Port Stand

A very useful, moveable stand to help support transfer sleeves upon import and export of materials, available as single or double tier to fit perfectly to the port height.

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This Isolator Port Stand is available with extra shelves for storage. Other useful features are also available to help keep your Isolator rooms tidy and practical. Additionally, the stand can be as single or double height depending on your needs.


This product is compatible with our range of flexible film isolators.


Autoclave Trolley with Drum Attachment

The trolley which fits perfectly to your drum and isolator.

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This Autoclave trolley for supply cylinder drum is perfect for single or double tier isolator.

It is fully autoclavable to avoid movement and lifting after sterilisation. Additionally, fixation points secure the autoclave drum in place while in use. Mylar film and filter media are available should  you need it.


As with all of our products, if you have more bespoke requirements, feel free to talk to our team.