Isolator Consumables

We are able to supply spares and parts for all NKP-Isotec Isolator types; we also carry consumables that are compatible with different manufacturers Isolators. All of the Isolator Consumables available on request, with some items being kept in stock. For more information on stock levels and lead times, please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help.

Many items such as HEPA Filters, Drum caps, Mylar Film and DURAN bottles come in a standard size. However, we are always able to source alternatives should you require this. Furthermore, our team of experts are able to recommend the best options for your Biocontainment requirements.

Explore our most popular consumables below. For further information on the items simply expand the page. Should you require more help, contact our team.

DURAN Phoenix Bottle

The perfect replacement to the discontinued AMSCO bottle and STERIS cap! NKP-Isotec are proud to be one of the first stockist of the new bottles. A brilliant addition to our consumable range, these bottle are autoclavable and have been used for decades as the bottle of choice in gnotobiotic research.

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We are happy to announce that NKP-Isotec is now a stockist of the DURAN Phoenix Bottles.

The DURAN Phoenix bottle is the direct replacement of the AMSCO bottle that is widely used by the gnotobiology community for decades up to it’s discontinuation. Once sold together, the STERIS cap is now available separately. The STERIS cap is perfect for autoclaving of the bottles, providing peace of mind for your gnotobiotic research. Now, finally, back on the market, the Phoenix bottle is a wonderful new addition to NKP-Isotec’s range of products for the gnotobiology community.


The original AMSCO bottle have been invaluable within gnotobiotic research. It is therefore exciting to see this updated version of the bottle make its long-anticipated return to the industry. Retrace codes are a new feature of the bottle. Additionally, DURAN have changed how they package the bottles so that they are now available in single units as apposed to a bulk of 10.


  • Decades of proven reliability within gnotobiotic research
  • Direct replacement of the AMSCO bottle
  • Supplied with disposable lid for autoclaving


NKP-Isotec is proud to be one of the first stockists of the Phoenix bottle. Should you require further assistance, feel free to get in touch. Our team will be happy to aid you in finding the perfect solution for your requirements.


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Filter Media

High quality DW4 Filter material used for sterilizing Cylinder/ autoclave drums or air inlets for some types of Isolators.

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The Filter Media is a high quality DW4 Filter material to use for sterilising Cylinder/ autoclave drums or air inlets for some types of Isolators. The filter media ensures that equipment after steam sterilisation stays sterile. Furthermore, the low dust emissions of this filter material makes it especially easy to use. Easy to cut to size for various applications.


While this product comes in a standard size, please talk to our team should you have any further questions.



Mylar Film

Used to close the autoclave drum with a single layer to allow autoclaving.

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Use Mylar film to seal the autoclave drum / sterilizing cylinder with a single layer prior to  autoclaving. Use together with our vinyl tape a single-use-solution to close the supply cylinder.


This item comes in a standard size. However, should you require further assistance, please contact one of the team.



From fitting gloves, sealing mylar film on drums and many other items, this autoclavable tape has proven to be very versatile.

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From fitting gloves to closing drums and securing several different items, this tape has proven to be very versatile. Due to this, it is available in 2 standard sizes and different colours for easy identification.

Roll 25mm wide: VTP-W-25
Roll 50mm wide: VTP-W-50


While available in standard sizes, please get in touch if you require any further assistance.


Drum Caps

A simple way to close the autoclave/supply drum together with our flat stainless steel clamps or cable clamps. Caps made of silicon or Viton are a durable reusable solution which will last for many years.

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Drum caps are a fantastic alternative to mylar film and a reusable option. They are simple to use and easy to fit. Simple seal them off using our stainless steel clamps. Additionally, we make the caps from silicon or Viton and so are easy to clean and reusable for years to come.


Advantages of the drum caps compared to mylar film are:

  • a reduced time spent on closing the drum
  • The drum can be re-sealed after import into the isolator to allow movement of Items to another isolator or decontaminated after export.

457mm Vitron: AD-CAP-VIT
457mm Silicon: AD-CAP-SIL


We make these items to fit our standard ports. However, should you need a more bespoke item, please get in touch with one of our team.



Choosing the best gloves for your isolator is important. This defines how the safety and reliability of your day to day tasks.

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This is why we take great care over the gloves that we supply with our isolators. We work alongside Ansell, whose vast selection of chemical gloves means that we have a wide variety to choose from. These items are the highest risk in terms of a breach, so this is why it is so important to consider the correct material for your application. Additionally, we have access to a plethora of sizes and materials should the need arise. We do the work in finding the best gloves for you and your research, so you don’t have to.


Should you have any further needs or questions, feel free to contact one of our team.





Filters are the vital barrier of the containment units to the environment and should be cleaned and changed regularly.

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Use our standard pre-filter to prolong the lifetime of the more sensitive HEPA filters and fan Units. Additionally, ensure that the integrity of your fan unit remains sterile with regular cleaning and changing of the pre-filters.

In short, our filters are available in three standard sizes:

For Fan unit: FI-RH-FAN
For HEPA Filter: FI-RH-HEP
Standard internal Isolator small: FI-RH-IN


While we make these as standard, please get in touch should you have m0re complex and bespoke needs.


HEPA Filter

An essential part of the isolator unit, the HEPA filters make sure that no harmful or unwanted germs or bacteria enter into the isolator unit.

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We supply a standard HEPA filter for all of our isolator units which are certified. We also can work with you on sourcing other styles and types of HEPA filter, should you require this. Upon request we can supply these also already irradiated. Pair these with the pre-filter to ensure that the air supply through the filter is clean. Filter media are also available on request.

Item code: FI-HEPA


Should you need any further assistance with these, please contact one of our team.



To secure port caps and sleeves to ports during an import/export or to ensure a secure closure of the flexible film port caps.

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Bands are really useful items for securing port caps or transfer sleeves in place. Furthermore, when used alongside our stainless steel clamps, and cable clamps, they can ensure that you have a tight seal when using these items. We offer both natural rubber as well as grooved silicon bands. They are available in a range of sizes and can be autoclaved to ensure sterility.


Please note that natural rubber is not suitable for exposure to certain chemicals.

All of our Bands are available in the following sizes and Materials:

Natural Rubber:

12 inch: RB-ST-12
15 inch: RB-ST-15
18 inch: RB-ST-18


12 inch: SB-GR-12
15 inch: SB-GR-15
18 inch: SB-GR-18


For more information on the materials, or information on sterilisation procedures of these bands; please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help. Furthermore, at NKP-Isotec, we are proud to create bespoke equipment that is designed with your research requirements in mind. Because of this, we are able to provide unique solutions to your needs.

For further information on some of the items that the bands can be used alongside, please explore some of the pages below:

Port Caps

Transfer Sleeves

Autoclave Drums

Autoclave Drum Trolley



Stainless Steel Clamps

Used to attach transfer sleeves and port caps to the ports. Non corrosive, these can be used with various chemicals, even corrosive ones.

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Our stainless steel clamps are available in different sizes from 300mm up to 560mm
Item code: S/S-CLAMP-‘size’

Compatible with our range of bands.


Cable Clamps

Used to attach transfer sleeves and port caps to the ports. Non corrosive, these can be used with various chemicals, even corrosive ones.

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Our cable clamps are available in different sizes from 300mm up to 560mm
Item code: CC-CLAMP-‘size’


They are compatible with our bands.


Port Caps

We are able to supply any size port cap you may require. With or without flanges, spray nozzle glove access.

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Our port caps are available in the following specifications:

Item code:

Inner port caps with flange: PC-IN-size
Outer port caps with flange and spray nozzles: PC-OUT-size


Please contact us with your bespoke requirements and we will be able to provide you with a design according to your needs.


Silicon bungs

Silicon bungs used for closure of the inlet or outlet inside the Isolator or to close spray nozzles for transfer sleeves and port caps.

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Out silicon bungs are available in the following specifications:

For closure of inlet or outlet inside the Isolator: BUNG-45
For closure of spray nozzles for transfer sleeves and port caps: BUNG-25


Should you require any further assistance, our team are happy to help find a bespoke solution.