Training & Education

We have a variety of user manuals and handbooks which are available to download. Please select from the options below:

Isolator introduction

Are you new to this type of animal housing? Have you never worked on and with Isolators before? 
The most common applications are breeding of immune deficient animals, Quarantine, Infectious material and infection studies as well as gnotobiotic and germ free.

We offer a general introduction – User Handbook for basic care of Isolators – Procedures to plan the planning and initial procedures to the basic care of mouse colonies inside the Isolator and advise which type of procedures are used for the different applications.

Please let us know and we get in contact with you – initially over the phone and later in person with personal training. This service is always included when purchasing some of our Isolators.
 Available languages – English and German


Specifically when working with Gnotobiotic and germ free animals, the procedures have to be perfectly planned, carefully executed and well thought out. The staff looking after the equipment and colonies are the success or the failure of the project itself. In order to give your staff the best possible start, we offer training to give important initial information, skills and guidance to achieve this.


The equipment used always needs to be looked after and maintained to give you reliable results and user performance.
We help you guide and advise which measured have to be taken to achieve this and train you to be able to perform small maintenance tasks yourself so you do not rely only on external technicians to keep your equipment working.
This will apply especially for:

Isolators (for positive- negative pressure applications)
General lab equipment


Here you will find PDF formats of our training guides – User manuals and other information which may benefit your work with Isolators. Feel free to contact us if you have other papers or publications you find useful to benefit other users as well.

We would like to offer this part to as many Users as possible as a resource centre for valuable information to make your research a success. Advise from other users and suggestions in this small community are the vital connections which help you find solutions faster and more effectively.

Catalogue and Specification Sheets

User Manuals

Useful Links


Isolator Servicing

As a vital part of our service offers we offer different maintenance options. Your research is important and a regular check- up of your equipment gives you peace of mind as we check all vital parts to let you concentrate on your research.
 We will check your equipment at your convenience. Make sure Canopy, Gloves, Filters and pipework are in good working order and advise you if any exchange parts may be necessary.



Should any of your equipment should be in need of repair please contact us for spare parts or a quotation.
We carry out any repairs on our own style Equipment, Isolators or parts. If the repair can be done on-site we will perform this at your convenience. Small Items can be sent to us for servicing or repair. We also offer this for equipment which was not manufactured by us – please contact us to find out more.

Technical consultation

For some applications or if you are new to the Isolator husbandry and don’t know exactly which equipment is the best one for your application we can discuss your needs and suggest solutions for you.


CAD Design

Especially for our bespoke equipment we provide you with CAD drawings for your approval in order to ensure the final result reflects your initial idea free of charge.

Contact us to find out more