Technical Extras For Isolators

At NKP-Isotec we pride ourselves on providing a fully rounded solution for you Biocontainment requirements. Because of this, we supply Technical Extras For Isolators. From Temperature and Humidity Gauges, through to Audio-Visual Alarms, we are able to provide all solutions for your Isolation requirements.

The fan units available for our range of Isolators and Biocontainment equipments are capable of working at both positive and negative pressure. Furthermore, we equip all of our fans with a low noise and low vibration motor to minimise discomfort to the animals. In addition to this, all fans also have speed control. This allows the user more choice and accuracy when using their Isolators.

The Audio-Visual Alarm Units are available in two sizes. A smaller size is perfect for use when you have limited space, or less features are required. The larger units are capable housing an internal battery.

For more information on our range of technical extras available, please contact our team.

Transport Shipper

Upgrade your Germ-Free Transport

Our brand new Transport Shipper is a versatile & reliable solution designed to meet the requirements of germ-free facilities. An ideal choice for long-distance & international transport, offering an eco-friendly, multi-use approach.

Furthermore, by complying with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards, the shipper is compliant with both domestic and international shipping regulations.

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Ample Capacity:

The Transport Shipper can comfortably accommodate three cages, providing ample space for your shipments.

Durability & Sustainability:

Built for durability and sustainability, our Transport Shipper is intended for multiple uses, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. It can withstand temperatures of up to 121°C, and the rigid structure ensures protection of animals during transit.

Sterilisation Compatibility:

The Transport Shipper is compatible with various sterilisation methods. Being able to autoclave this shipper, removes dependence on external sterilisation of uncertain quality.


Equipped with compatible sleeves for various setups, the shipper is highly adaptable to different laboratory requirements.

Our Transport Shipper seamlessly combines durability, versatility, and safety features to cater to the unique demands of germ-free animal transport.

For further information or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, who are happy to help.


Gnotobiotic Transport Cage

An innovative solution to Germ-Free Animal Transport.

Introducing our new, reusable, fully autoclavable, Gnotobiotic & Transport cage. The cage can withstand temperatures up to 132°C, ensuring sterility when transferring animals out of an isolator.


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With space for up to 3 animals, the cage allows you to transport the animals safely to the lab; or even ship them to another facility. While still small enough to fit into most ports or transfer hatches. This makes the transferring of animals, easier and safer. The filter lid, fitted with DW4 Filter Media, allows sufficient airflow too; so the only time limitation is the water requirements for the animals inside.

Our adhesive closure creates an air-tight seal, which allows for sterile import into another isolator. When in place, the seal allows for the complete cage to be sprayed with even the most aggressive sterilizing agents.

To ensure a good seal, and to prevent any cross-contamination, the seals are single-use only. The cage and lid itself, however, are reusable. Which makes the whole system a more cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to other, plastic methods. The DW4 Filter Media, is easy to replace, adding longevity to the cage.


Audio Visual Alarm Unit

An independent Alarm unit which can be connected to an alert system via internet or phone cable. It gives an alert upon power failure and loss of pressure in the Isolator.

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The Alarm Unit that we have developed is the product of years of innovation and design improvement. An integral part of the Isolator, our Audio Visual Back up Alarm provides peace of mind when using your Isolators. Providing you with an instant alert to any loss of power in your Isolator. In the event of a power failure or reduction of pressure within the Isolator, the alarm activates.

Back-up Alarm Units have long been established as an important factor for monitoring and controlling the internal state of the Isolator. With the choice of battery back-ups that can perform from  1.5hrs through to 10 hours; you can relaxing knowing that there will be no loss of pressure to your Isolators. Because of this feature, you are able to reestablish power to your facility, or fix and issues that may have arisen.

Furthermore, our alarm systems work alongside all of our Isolator and Fan units – no matter the age. Because of this, it is not simply new Isolators that can benefit from the robust Alarm Back up Unit.

Depending on your requirements, we have two styles of Alarm Unit. The larger standard unit comes with LED lights and an audio/visual alarm. This gains power through externally connected batteries. In addition to this, our Mark-2 Alarm is a smaller version – still offering the same features. This units, however, has an internal battery.

We fit these alarm systems into all of our isolators, however, if you have more complex needs please contact our team.

Alarm item code: ALRM-1
Battery backup: POW-BCK


Temperature & Humidity Gauge

A portable battery operated temperature and humidity gauge.

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This temperature & humidity gauge will monitor and enable you to maintain specific temperatures and humidities within the isolators. The gauge can be placed both inside and outside of the Isolator units.


When placed on the inside of the Isolator, the gauge monitors both temperature and humidity. We only recommend this, if non-corrosive sterilisation is possible. This is due to the battery and humidity sensors corroding and degrade if exposed to certain chemicals.

When on the outside of the Isolator, you can insert the temperature probe inside the unit, allowing you to maintain absolute sterility. However, the gauge will measure the humidity of the room not the Isolator.


While these products are a standard model, please talk to our team should you require a more complex system.

Item code: TEMP-G-eX


Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with our team. They will find the best solution for your requirements.


Fan Unit Positive/Negative

Fan Unit Positive / Negative – with speed control.

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This fan unit is an independent unit that has an adjustable speed and is very quiet when in use (below 45db). Thanks to this, there is no transmission of vibration to the frame or the housing within the isolator. This in turn, maximised the animals welfare. Furthermore, the unit can easily switch from positive to negative pressure. This is possible even when in use, making things like a quick exchange of units simple if need be.

This is a simple device that will have a massive improvement on the reliability and efficiency of your Isolators. We incorporate the fans into every Isolator, however should you have more complex needs, feel free to contact one of the team.

Fan Unit 230V: FAN-230-P/N
Fan Unit 110V: FAN-110-P/N