Canopy options

Different styles of canopies are available to suit various applications or preferred comfort. Isotec understands that especially for experimental Isolators, a lot of features may need to be taken into account. An example would be pre-defined access points which can be added to allow installation of wires or cables for electrical equipment. Depending on the size of the Isolator, different sleeve openings or detachable sleeves are available.

Please find below some features/examples we are able to offer:

  • Attached sleeves
  • Detachable sleeves
  • Access points for cables
  • Storage space in base of canopy
  • Hooks on the inside
  • Attached solid base
  • Envelope style base with removable base plates

Options available:

  • Round welded
  • Oval vertical welded
  • Oval horizontal welded
  • Detachable sleeves round
  • Detachable sleeves oval