Flexible Film Isolators

Flexible Film Isolators are the flagship product of NKP-Isotec. Our products have shown that there is so much room for development and innovation in the industry.

Our flexible film isolators provide a germ-free environment that will exceed your expectations thanks to our 70 years’ industry experience in the research industry. Each of our rat and mouse containment isolators are available in  standard flexible film isolator sizes – if you would like to add specific elements, please do let us know. We are aware that not all standard-sized isolators cater to all needs, therefore we also produce custom made isolators to the required configuration.

The benefit of our range of Isolators, is the huge ability of customisation available. From the size, height, through to the port options every aspect is changeable.

Our fans are also highly innovative. With the ability to change your isolator from positive to negative within seconds; our fans are have the ability to change the fan speed. Providing you with maximum control over the micro-environment inside the Isolator.

For more information, please feel free to contact our team.

Gnotobiotic Flexible Film Isolators

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Bespoke & Germ Free Flexible Film Isolators

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