Animal Housing Accessories

We provide a large range of Animal Housing Accessories depending on your requirements. From bungs and sippers through to large items we keep most items in stock; with those that are not, available within a short lead time.

Many items are kept in stock, others we require to back order. Should you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

For more information on isolator sundries, explore the Isolator sundries or consumables section. Bottles are available in a variety of sizes. We also stock Duran autoclavable glass bottles.

Furthermore, bungs are available in different materials. We stock as standard silicon bungs however rubber are available.


A variety of bottles that can be used alongside our complete range of racking and housing.

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Bottles are an essential part of your housing system and so all of our range is available in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, we ensure that our range is suitable for a variety of uses and housing types. We are happy to provide further assistance in regards to these items, should you require this. All of our range is made from either Polythene, Polypropylene or Glass. Because of this, our range is suitable for a wide range of purposes. Furthermore, the material used is suitable for a wide range of disinfectants and cleaning agents.

300ml Polythene square white
600ml Polythene square white

250ml Polypropylene round clear
500ml Polypropylene round clear
600ml Polypropylene square clear

240ml Glass square Bottles

10oz Polypropylene round opaque

1ltr Heavy duty polythene round white


Additionally they can be combined with a variety of bungs and attachments. Moreover, they can be used across our range of racking.


We also have a range of Duran Phoenix bottles available, which are suitable for Autoclaving. These bottles are available with a sterile lid that is sold separately. For more information, please contact our Isolator team who are able to help.


Should you require any further assistance with our range of bottles, please contact our team for more information.



Black Rubber Bung & Black Heavy-Duty Bung

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We offer a wide range of Bungs and can provide you with a selection should you require them. We have evolved our selection from the traditional rubber through to Silicon bungs in order to meet industry demand.

The silicon bungs are increasingly popular due to their dexterity and durability. Due to their material they are completely autoclavable. They can also withstand the majority of acids and disinfectants which may be present within Biotech facilities. Furthermore, our silicon  are able to fit in the majority of transfer sleeves, port caps and any other Isolator accessory. In addition to this, the flexibility of the material means that they are able to provide air-tight seals.

Our traditional bungs are made from Rubber. These provide their own range of benefits including longevity and the ability for heavy duty use. Rubber are slightly more robust than that of the silicon, meaning they have less flexibility. Furthermore, rubber contains Oestrogen and therefore is not suitable for the Gnotobiotic community.

The silicon range is available in white, whereas the rubber range is available in Black and Orange.

There are two sizes of Silicon, small ones are for use during sterilisation. Whereas the larger options are perfect for use within Isolators.


Black Rubber Bung
Fits: 300/600ml polythene, 240ml glass and 600ml polypropyleneBungs

Black Heavy-Duty Bung

Fits: 250/500ml polypropylene, 1ltr Heavy Duty bottle

Silicon Bungs

Fits 250/500ml polypropylene, 1ltr Heavy Duty bottle, Transfer Sleeves, Port Caps, Port Bags.


Additionally, all bungs can be used alongside any bottles in our range. For any further information on our range of Silicon and Rubber bungs. Please feel free to contact our sales team who will be happy to help. All of our sundry items are available either alongside larger Isolator purchases, or as a stand alone item.


Melamine Nozzles

Our melamine nozzles are compatible with our complete range of bottles and work seamlessly with our housing


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Our range of Melamine Nozzles are available for use throughout our bottles range. These are a great alternative to the traditional bung and sipper method. Moreover, they are compatible alongside other bottles available throughout the industry.

Furthermore, our range is available in white. Should you require other colours, please feel free to get in touch.


Choose from our range of Melamine nozzles:

1½” white with washer
Fits: 300/600ml polythene, 240ml glass and 10oz polypropylene

½” white with washer
Fits: 300/600ml polythene, 240ml glass and 10oz polypropylene

1½” black  with washer
Fits: 600ml polythene, 600ml polypropylene

Compatible washers are also available in a pack of 100. For further information on these, please feel free to contact our sales team.


In addition, all these Melamine Nozzles can be used alongside our bottles and housing systems.


Should you require any further assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team who can find the best solution for you. As with all of our equipment, we build bespoke. Because of this, we are able to create solutions for all your research requirements. While our Melamine Nozzles are built to a specific size, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have more questions about this product.



Sippers are available in chrome and stainless steel, with and without ball bearings.

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Choose from our range of sippers all available in either chrome or stainless steel. All of our sippers are compatible with our variety of bottles and bungs. They are also compatible with all of our housing systems.

Available with or without ball bearings.


Automatic Watering Systems

Reduce your workload and create a simpler solution to effective watering control in your research. Automatic watering systems allow for you to simply control the water your animals receive.

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Through our unique design and simple layout, we are able to easily retrofit any of our automatic watering systems to your existing racks. This therefore, streamlines you work, simplifying your tasks. This system works seamlessly throughout our range of housing systems.


Should you  have more complex of needs, talk to one of our team. They will be able to design the best watering system to your requirements.




Crate & Basket Systems

Suitable for filling, washing, storage and delivery.

All are manufactured in stainless steel for various bottle types and sizes.

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Our selection of Crate & basket systems are available in these variations:

  • Standard Basket
  • Basket with Lid
  • Basket with bottle sections with and without lid

Should you have a custom requirement, please contact us. We are always happy to help and look forward to discussing your specific requirements with you.


All are compatible with our range of bottles.


Stainless Steel Scoops

Robust and hardwearing, designed to last you longer. Comfortable hollow handle.

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These stainless steel scoops carry quantities between storage bins and hoppers/housing without spilling.

Preventing wastage and saving you money. Easy to clean and keep in a hygienic condition.

Sizes available:

15cm (6″) Stainless steel scoop: SS-S-15cm
18.5cm (73/4″) Stainless steel scoop:SS-S-18.5CM

Sizes do not include handle.


Plastic Scoops & Scrapers

Lightweight, durable and easy to clean. With finger grips designed to provide comfort and usability. Designed for use with a wide range of materials.

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Our range of lightweight plastic scoops and scrapers are designed with you in mind. Available in a range of colours and with form fitting handles, our robust tools will make your work that bit easier.


Available in a variety of colours to fit all colour coding systems.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Rot and rust proof
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • One-piece construction
  • Tough and durable
  • Non-stick
  • Minimises damage to equipment

3″ plastic scraper: PS-3″
4″ Plastic scraper:PS4″


See our full range of transport and housing accessories for scoops and scrapers in other materials.


Bowls & Holders

Both the bowl and holder are manufactured in stainless steel, being durable and hardwearing, in daily washing and usage.

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Our bowls & holders are made in stainless steel so that they are easy to clean and keep sanitary. They are hardwearing and perfect to use for the larger animals that require a more robust bowl to eat from.


These can all be used alongside our wide range of bespoke housing systems.


Procedural Screen – Animal welfare

This procedural screen divider can be used on any procedural working surface, it even fits inside your cleaning station, procedural cabinet and isolator!

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Developed alongside researchers at St. George’s University, the Procedural Screen is a brilliant way to separate your procedures and other experiments. This simple but effective procedural screen allows you to handle and perform manipulations and procedures without other animals being able to observe; thus increasing the animals enrichment. The creation of this product was born out of the need to reduce the visual stimuli present during routine procedures.

Because of this, alongside the researchers, several prototypes were created. Thanks to their work and experiments, we adapted the design to allow for easy storage, cleaning and movement. We therefore, are able to offer a screen that is light and foldable – providing easy storage. We currently manufacture the screen in red polycarbonate which reduces the visual stimuli to the animals. It is possible however, to create this screen in other materials. Furthermore, we plan to launch an Autoclavable option in the near future.

The screen is available in a standard size which fits the majority of housing. However, we are able to build bespoke sizes should you wish.

  • Manufactured in red polycarbonate.
  • Stainless steel hinges and closure.
  • Also available for other housing sizes


This can be used alongside our compete range of housing, racking and isolators. Thanks to the work of the researchers at St. George’s University, the Procedural Screen has become an integral part of their research. Allowing them to reduce the impact of routine procedures on the animals. There is a wide range of uses for this screen, ranging from weaning through to separation and routine procedures.



Should you have any further queries or requirements, feel free to get in touch with us.


Rodent Barrier

The NKP range of Rodent Barriers are manufactured in light weight corrugated plastic, durable yet flexible complete with door runners to fit most points of entry and exit.

Also available with flexible PVC strips on each end if required. Standard height 350mm & 400mm. Bespoke heights made to order.

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The Rodent barrier is available in the following options:

  • 6mm thickness 1200gsm in white or black
  • 4mm thickness 700gsm in black, green, blue, yellow or red


Can be used alongside our wide range of housing systems.


Should you have any further requirements, feel free to get in touch with us.


Metabolism Housing

Over the years, NKP has developed a rodent metabolism housing that provides the perfect solution for separating urine and faeces samples.

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Through years of research and development, we have created a simple and effective solution to the Metabolism Housing. As standard, we design the floor for either rats or mice and built to your bespoke requirements. We make the housing in stainless steel and electroplate them to ensure good and sound sample collection. Additionally, the racks are built in stainless steel and are designed as single or double units, depending on your requirements.

We developed a system so that food hoppers and water bottles do not leak into the housing thus spoiling any samples collected. We mount all units on autoclavable castors as standard.

Large animal metabolism housing are also available, for example, dog and mini pig. If you have a custom requirement, please contact us. We are always happy to help and look forward to discussing your specific requirements with you.