Isolator Racking

For maximum capacity inside your Isolator, we recommend our NKP cages with their space saving racking. However, we also understand that you may already have, or want to use your current caging. Because of this, we offer shelves suitable for all types of cages. All of our racks utilise our Easy-Build system, which ensures easy assembly while inside the isolator.

We are also able to integrate special racks you already have or make custom racking if you have any special requirements. Should you require any further information on our range of racks, please feel free to contact our specialists. They will be happy to aid you in finding and designing the best solution in line with your requirements.

Isolator Racking – NKP Style

NKP cage racking for NKP Isolators

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The dimensions of the Isolator racking (NKP style) match each type of  Isolator canopy to house the maximum amount of cages possible. We place the cages in runners for maximum security.

Product codes as follows:

  • Small rack for Transport Isolators – 6NKP mouse cages sizes M1/M2/M2L/M3: R-M6
  •  For Type 1  – 12 NKP mouse cages sizes M1/M2/M2L/M3: R-M12
  • Rack for Type 2 or 4 – 20 NKP mouse cages sizes M1/M2/M2L/M3: R-M20
  • For Type 3 – 50 NKP mouse cages sizes M1/M2/M2L/M3: R-M50
  • Rack for Type 1 – 9 NKP rat cages sizes RB/MB1: R-RB3-9
  • For Type 2 or 4 – 18 NKP rat cages sizes RB/MB2: R-RB3-18
  • Rack for Type 3 – 24 NKP rat cages sizes RB/MB3: R-RB3-24

Additionally, all of the above styles or racking are compatible throughout our range of isolators.


Racking for Isolators – for any type of cage

Custom sized cage racking, for any cage type

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Below are examples of our racking for Isolators – for any type of cage:


Small rack for Transport Isolator
Dimensions: 3 shelves 415mm long x 350mm deep (overall 590mm high): R-S-Transport

Rack for Type 1 Canopy
Dimensions: 3 shelves 750mm long x 350mm deep (overall 700mm high): R-S-TP1

Rack for Type 2 Canopy
Dimensions: 3 shelves 750mm long x 350mm deep (overall max. 790mm high): R-S-TP2/4

Rack for Type 3 Canopy
Dimensions: 3 shelves 1630mm long x 350mm deep (overall max. 900mm high): R-S-TP3


All of these racks are compatible throughout our isolators.