Bespoke & Germ Free Flexible Film Isolators

We are aware that not all standard isolators are suitable for all requirements; which is why we proudly design and create bespoke & germ free flexible film isolators to your exact configuration. Our custom isolators are available with a wide range of configurations, including, but not limited to:

  • Multiple port options
  • Different size ports
  • Multiple sleeves access – different locations
  • Access for electrical cables
  • Black out canopies for light studies

The size of your germ free or bespoke flexible film isolator is purely dependant  upon your exact research and space requirements for a truly bespoke solution.

If you have a specific request, or if you are unsure with regards to which customised isolators would be best suited to your needs, please get in touch and we will employ our expertise to help you design your bespoke isolator to your precise requirements.

Transfer/Transport Isolator

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The Transfer/Transport Isolator was originally designed as a simple way to move animals from one unit to another. This small isolator however, has since proven to more useful thanks to its small footprint.


Not everyone has lots of space to work in, and this isolator is fantastic when limited on space. It also works well as a quarantine unit or when working with a small group size. Thanks to the small design, it is perfect tool to transport animals into different locations.


Due to the space restriction, we do not supply racks in the transfer/transport isolator. However, small shelves are optional to aid in organisation. This is available as a single or double tier isolator. In addition to this we build both static and height adjustable options.


All the isolators include a battery back up independent of the mains power supply.transfer-transport-isolator

Should you require and further assistance with this, feel free to contact our team who can design this useful isolator to your requirements.


Surgical Isolator

The surgical Isolator presents multiple sleeves for access and manipulation. Single containment unit to allow easy access and control to perform surgical or experimental procedures inside an isolator. Access port options possible either side or one side only.

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A height adjustable version of this surgical isolator can be especially useful in order to find a comfortable working height for the operator as well as allowing the correct position for the manipulation of the animals inside this Isolator. In addition this feature will also allow easy connection to existing isolators or a laminar flow. It is possible to design this isolator with space and openings for a Microscope. We are happy to design this isolator together with you to determine the best fit to your needs. We also offer alterations of your existing laminar flow to fit a port connection.

Surgical Isolator
Overall size: 181cm(L) x 69cm(W) x 160cm(H)

Canopy: 127cm(L) x 61cm(W) x 56cm(H)


Experimental Height Adjustable Isolator

A height adjustable isolator that has a small footprint and customisable to your needs..

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This experimental height adjustable Isolator combines mobility with ergonomic working heights in a compact and space saving design. Different Port and Canopy options are available. This Isolator is ideal for experimental set-up or small colony breeding. We are able alter the dimensions of the isolator to your specific requirements.



  • Overall height 165cm up to 230cm
  • Hydraulic lift up to 70cm
  • Canopy length between 1m and 1.5m
  • Canopy height 70cm – 85cm (overall height requirements will be taken in to account)
  • Frame depth 80cm – 100cm
  • Frame on castors for mobility
  • HEPA filtration for Inlet and Exhaust
  • Ability to switch operation between positive and negative pressure
  • Castor base with legroom to allow working with a chair

As with all of our range, the experimental height adjustable isolator comes with these as standard. However, we are able to modify the product to fit your needs.


Feel free to get in touch with our team should you require further assistance or have more complex requirements. They will find the best bespoke solution for your needs.