Laboratory Waste Bins

Located on a dolly on the floor, or our new ergonomically raised Laboratory Waste Bins offers a comfortable working height for animal facility staff.

Ideal for numerous applications and storage within the busy animal facility, available as 37.9 or 75.7 litre capacity.

Especially practical for:

  • Loose diet
  • Bagged diet
  • Bedding
  • Fun tunnels
  • Chew sticks
  • Houses & domes

Our bins are manufactured in polythylene with a thermal resistance of -29 to -60℃ compliant for food storage and cleanability. An optional internal sieve is available to keep contents free from dust residue – particularly diet pellets.

The raised stand on the Laboratory Waste Bins is stainless steel, and is available with or without lockable castors. The Stainless Steel Dolley and the internal sieve are both autoclavable.

37.9 litre capacity dimensions: 435mm (H) Internal Dia 397mm Overall height including stand 900mm

75.7 litre capacity dimensions: 581mm (H) Internal Dia 495mm Overall height including stand 950mm