Bespoke Laboratory Equipment


NKP-Isotec’s Technical Services department offers their service to you to design bespoke laboratory equipment to fit your research requirements. With the help of a very large range of equipment, racks, cabinets, trolleys, storage solutions and Flexible Film Isolators; we manufacture to your requirements to give you the perfect size and design.

Our technicians are experts in their field and benefit from working directly in the industry. Through working in Germ-Free and a range of other facilities, all of our technicians can provide accurate and informative advice. Should we not be able to answer your question, we have the benefit of a large pool of experts who can provide us with adaptive and accurate advice.

If you are looking for custom laboratory equipment, already have an idea of how to design the product, or just have an application and want to find out what we can do for you; please do not hesitate to contact us.

All of the bespoke equipment is made at our dedicated workshop. Our technicians are competent users of CAD and 3D drawings; thus providing you with realistic renders of your custom laboratory equipment. We design Prototypes and samples and provide advice throughout the project. We will work together with you until we deliver the final bespoke laboratory equipment to your facility. All of our custom solutions come complete with a 12-month parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

As part of our commitment to improve our environmental policies. We are actively working towards an eco policy and therefore ensure that every step of the process is sustainable. Moreover, we pledge to ensure that all of our materials are from local and sustainable sources so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we make sure that we reuse all of our materials and reduce the amount of waste materials.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Technical Services team for further information or to discuss your specific requirements.