Rat & Mouse Cage Accessories

At NKP-Isotec we are able to provide a wide range of Rat & Mouse Cage Accessories. Many of these items are interchangeable across a wide range of product types, reducing waste and improving their environmental impact.

As we manufacture many of the items ourselves; we are able to procure and develop a range of custom sizes and styles. If you have a special application or can’t find the exact product you need, please contact us, we are always happy to help and look forward to discussing your specific requirements with you.

More detail can be found below in regard to our range of accessories. Should you require any further assistance with our range of Cage Accessories; please contact our team.

Cage Liners

North Kent Plastics manufacture plastic cage liners fitting many cage manufacturers bases, saving you time in cleaning/avoiding cross contamination whilst keeping costs down.

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Cage liners are a fantastic way of keeping costs down and reducing the time needed to clean and change cages. Thanks to their easy and simple design they can be used for a whole range of purposes within the animal facilities.

For example:

  • As a quick and easy replacement during any building refurbishments
  • To reduce any contamination and to keep research segregated
  • For quick and easy cage washing and refurbishment


Overall, these products are a fantastic and easy way to reduce costs and speed up cleaning and cage movement. We manufacture all our liners to meet a variety of industry cage sizes.



A simple hopper designed to attach to larger animal cages, providing a simple and effect feeding system.

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Hoppers are the perfect tool for feeding and monitoring the larger animals. Made from stainless steel, these products are easy to clean and robust. With the ability of placing these hoppers on both the inside and the outside of the cage, these mechanisms are fully flexible to your needs.


Thanks to their simple design, the hoppers are able to attach to any of our larger animal cages.


While we do have a stockpile of refurbished Hoppers, if you have more complex needs, contact on of our team who can design to your bespoke needs.


Divider for Hoppers

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A divider for hoppers is a highly useful item if you need to control and monitor food consumption. Made from stainless steel these are a robust item. Additionally they are easy to clean and sterilise.


These can be used alongside any of the cages for the larger animals.


We currently have a stockpile of refurbished hoppers with dividers. If your needs are more complex however, please feel free to contact our team who can design to your bespoke needs.


Card Holders

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Cage card holders are a simple and effective way of labelling your cages and racking systems. Furthermore, we make them in stainless steel and with a variety of attachment mechanisms to suit your needs.


These can be attached to any of our caging and racking systems.


We have a stockpile of refurbished card holders in our warehouse. However, if you needs are more complex, please feel free to contact our team who can look into a bespoke design.


Filter Cage Tops

Filter tops are available in polystyrene, polycarbonate and polysulfone.

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Our filter cage tops are simple solution to reducing allergens and other bacteria from entering the cages ensuring a germ free environment.


Available in polystyrene, polycarbonate and polysulfone, these products can are a versatile and simple tool. Moreover, they are easy to change and simple to install – reducing time wasted on changing them. We produce these products for specific rodent cages.


Perfect for use in both racking systems and for transportation. The filters allow for maximum air flow while restricting contamination for the animals.


Contact one of the team who will be able to discuss your needs further.


Filter Bonnets

Filter bonnets are available to fit numerous cage sizes. Replacement filter sheets and pads are also available.

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Filter bonnets are a simple and effective way to ensure that germ free animals remain in a sterile environment throughout transportation.  They provide maximum air flow to the animals while protecting them from any harmful bacteria or allergens.


Perfect for use during transportation, simply attach the bonnet to the cage via a secure band. We make these bonnets to fit a variety of our cages from mice through to larger animals.


Should you have any further requirements, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.