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Sleeve Clamps

The ‘First Aid’ for any damaged gloves on the Isolator. Used to clamp off the damaged glove/sleeve and allows you to change the glove or repair the hole without the risk of contamination.

The last thing anyone wants is to have their research damaged. That is why sleeve clamps are a must-have for when any accidents do happen within the isolator. These lightweight devises allow you to clamp of the damaged glove while you replace it for a new one. All without contaminating the animals and research inside the isolator.


Made from aluminium, the clamps are easy to use and come in two different designs. Available as either a quick release or the standard screw-style, both are simple to use and work with our whole range of isolators.

Standard screw clamp: CL-SLEEVE-ST
Quick release clamp: CL-SLEEVE-QR


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