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Metabolism Housing

Over the years, NKP has developed a rodent metabolism housing that provides the perfect solution for separating urine and faeces samples.

Through years of research and development, we have created a simple and effective solution to the Metabolism Housing. As standard, we design the floor for either rats or mice and built to your bespoke requirements. We make the housing in stainless steel and electroplate them to ensure good and sound sample collection. Additionally, the racks are built in stainless steel and are designed as single or double units, depending on your requirements.

We developed a system so that food hoppers and water bottles do not leak into the housing thus spoiling any samples collected. We mount all units on autoclavable castors as standard.

Large animal metabolism housing are also available, for example, dog and mini pig. If you have a custom requirement, please contact us. We are always happy to help and look forward to discussing your specific requirements with you.