NKP-Isotec’s Rigid Isolators are capable of working at both Negative and Positive Pressure. Through the use of strong 10mm Polycarbonate, these Isolators have the ability to work under high pressures while sustaining the required air changes. Rigid Isolators ensure a complete and secure Biocontainment solution.

Their Features include:

  • Optical Polycarobate Containment Unit – Rigid
  • Custom Connections for additional equipment
  • PVC Inlays to help protect the canopy from scratches
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment; current lift range is from 300mm – 650mm

Entry Ports

As standard, all of our Rigid Isolators are compatible with either a 42cm or 45cm Quadra-Lock port. These Ports are available with two (both Inner and Outer) easy open doors, thus providing extra security. Furthermore, due to the bespoke design of the Rigid Isolators, we are able to fit a wide range of other manufacturers Rapid Exchange Port systems. Thereby allowing continuity throughout a facility. For other custom port options, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

Sleeves & Gloves

Sleeves are a highly important part of the isolator, and we ensure the best flexibility and comfort by using Super Soft PVC material. Due to the nature of Super Soft, these sleeves are easy to work in and allow maximum movement. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of gloves that are compatible with our Rigid Isolators. Thus meaning that the Isolator can be fitted with a glove that will suit the intended application and requirements. Our quick change design, also means that gloves can be quickly and easily changed should the requirements demand this.

Fans & Alarms

Throughout our range of Isolators, we provide independent fan units which are speed control. Not only does this allow the user to easily control the velocity and pressure of the unit, but it also controls the noise and vibration emissions. In addition to this, we offer a battery back-up system which provides added security to the Rigid Isolator should a power failure occur. As standard, air inlet and outlets have HEPA Filters to ensure the highest security. When working under Biocontainment Levels 3/4 (BL3/4), double Air Inlet/Outlets fitting are also available.


We manufacture the framework for a Rigid Isolator from Stainless Steel Grade 316; furthermore Hydraulic Height Adjustment Frames are available with a potential lift capabilities of 300mm 0 650mm. To maximise capacity, we recumbent using NKP-Isotec Caging and racking which provide the best fit to our Isolators. However, bespoke Internal racking to fit other manufacturers caging is possible.

Delivery, Commissioning, Installation & Servicing

As standard, we offer delivery, assembly and commissioning of the units as part of our service. There is also the option of Training on the use of the Rigid Isolators to ensure that all staff are competent when using the equipment. Detailed instructions are available, and we recommend that assembly is performed by trained personnel. When working with Biocontainment and dangerous pathogens, regular servicing and testing is mandatory. Because of this, we recommend that a service and maintenance plan is scheduled so that routine checks can be undertaken on the Unit.


Contact our team, who will be happy to discuss your requirements; in order to provide you with a complete Biocontainment Solutions for your research.