Gnotobiotic & Transport Cage


Introducing our new, reusable, fully autoclavable, Gnotobiotic & Transport cage. Our The complete cage can withstand temperatures up to 132ºC, to ensure sterility when transferring animals out of an isolator.



With space for up to 3 animals, the cage allows you to transport the animals safely to the lab; or even ship them to another facility. While still small enough to fit into most ports or transfer hatches. This makes the transferring animals, easier and safer. The filter lid, fitted with DW4 Filter Media, allows sufficient airflow too; so the only time limitation is on the water requirements for the animals inside.

Our adhesive closure creates an air-tight seal, this allows for sterile import into another isolator. When in place, the seal allows for the complete cage to be sprayed with even the most aggressive sterilizing agents.

To ensure a good seal, and to prevent any cross-contamination, the seals are single-use only. The cage and lid itself, however, are re-usable. Which makes the whole system a more cost effective, and eco-friendly alternative to other, plastic methods. The DW4 Filter Media, is easy to replace, adding longevity to the cage.

For more information on the Gnotobiotic & Transport cages, feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help.


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