Biocontainment Level 3 Flexible Film Isolators


Negative Pressure BL3

Biocontainment Level 3 and 4 is quickly developing into a more relevant field of study, thanks to the current climate.  The need for additional research into viruses, vaccines and many more applications, is now relevant, even for small research groups.

The question arises; therefore, are Flexible Film Isolators safe or suitable to use for these applications.

The short answer is YES.

Flexible Film Isolators are completely gas tight and are proven to reliably keep pathogens out. They are, therefore, just as suitable at keeping pathogens IN; thereby, protecting the user in the best possible way.

Along with our current range of Flexible Film Isolators, we are now launching, our new range of Biocontainment Level 3 and 4 compliant Flexible Film Isolators. As always, our complete range of BL3/4 Isolators will be available in a range of sizes, and customisable to your research requirements.

Furthermore, we have implemented additional procedures and precautions to ensure that our Flexible Film Isolators conform to the more stringent regulations of BL3/4. Moreover, Flexible Film Isolators which work in BL3/4 conditions, must be Negative Pressure. Because of this, we have increased the thickness of the PVC material used. In addition to the standard HEPA Filter system, BL3/4 Isolators will work on a dual HEPA system.

The nature of working in BL3/4 conditions allows for the study of much more dangerous pathogens. As users, you therefore, want to be confident that the products that you are working with will not fail. In order to ensure peace of mind, Installation and Commissioning of the BL3/4 Flexible Film Isolators is more stringent to ensure complete safety. Furthermore, a full Commissioning Report is provided to the end user.

At NKP-Isotec, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that aid your research. Please to contact our sales team for more information on our Biocontainment Level 3/4 Flexible Film Isolator Range.