Rat & Mouse Housing & Racking

With a passion to reduce, reuse and refine we offer not just new caging solution but fully refurbish and recycle, keeping the environmental factor in sight.

Custom design for your given circumstances ranging from rodents to birds and mammals, but also research applications outside the animal sector can benefit from our products.

Please take a look at our housing, pens and custom designs as well as the wide range of accessories.

Rat Housing & Racking

Guinea Pig/Rat Housing (GPR2 – sloping front)

Overall size: 48x15x13cm
Internal size: 510cm2 x 13cm

Available in polypropylene,
polycarbonate or polysulfone.


Rat Racking
Rat Housing (RC2F)
Rat Housing (RC2R)
Rat/Mouse Housing (RC1)

Mouse Housing & Racking

Mouse Housing (M3 – sloping front)
Rat/Mouse Housing (RC1)
Mouse Housing (M2 – sloping front)
Mouse Housing (RM2 – sloping front)