Transfer Sleeves & Port Bags

Transfer sleeves allow you to connect two Isolators or any other equipment which presents a suitable opening to connect to. It is even possible to design special transfer sleeves to connect two ports on a double tier isolator. All sleeves available to suit your specific port design and length required.

Flexible parameters:

  • Size of openings
  • Length
  • No. of arms
  • Tapered or non-tapered
  • Position of spray nozzles
  • Bespoke design possible

Transfer Sleeves

Transfer sleeves are used to connect for example the autoclave-drum to your Isolator.

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Some of the options available are lised below, more are available upon request.

Transfer Sleeve plain: TS-PLAIN

Transfer Sleeve 2 arms: TS-2ARM

Glove changing bag: B-GLV


Port Bags

Port bags are in essence, a larger size port cap, to allow you the import or export of material withiut the connection of an autoclave drum or Isolator. This is especially useful if you are using irradiated material or wrapped equipment.

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You may require a port stand or table to suppot your material. Available with and without sleeves.