Technical Extras

Alarm Unit

An independent Alarm unit which can be connected to an alert system via internet or phone cable. It gives an alert upon power failure and loss of pressure in the Isolator.

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Available with a battery backup for up to 1.5 hrs.

Alarm item code: ALRM-1
Battery backup: POW-BCK


Temperature / Humidity Gauge

A portable battery operated temperature and humidity gauge.

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Placed on the inside of the Isolator it monitors both temperature and humidity on the inside. This is only recommended if non-corrosive sterilisation is possible as the battery and humidity sensors will corrode and degrade if exposed to certain chemicals.

Placed on the outside of the Isolator, the temperature probe can be placed inside to monitor and absolute sterility can be maintained, humidity is measured for the room.

Item code: TEMP-G-eX


Fan Unit Positive/Negative

Fan Unit Positive / Negative – with speed control

Independent fan unit with adjustable speed. It allows a very easy switch from positive to negative pressure even whilst the Isolator is in use, or a quick exchange should this be necessary.

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Very quiet in operation (below 45db) and no transmission of vibration to the frame and therefore to the cages inside the Isolator, which ensures maximum animal welfare.

Fan Unit 230V: FAN-230-P/N
Fan Unit 110V: FAN-110-P/N